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Is It Alleged Fraud? Is It Wet Clothes? Summarizing The Uproar Of Poker Player Mike Postle And Commentator Veronica Brill

42-year-old professional poker player Mike Postle is suspected of cheating at a live poker tournament at Stones Gambling Hall in Sacramento, California. The tournament held in this Sacramento was broadcast on Twitch as “Stones Live”.

And since Postle has been peeking at smartphones many times during this tournament, multiple players have argued that they may be cheating.

Alleged Voice From Veronica Brill

Stones Live official and poker commentator Veronica Brill continued to post on Twitter that she had won casino online malaysia too many prizes at Postle’s Stones Gambling Hall. Postle continues to deny it.

In fact, Postle makes 100% judgments on the river and wins the prize, as if he knew his opponent’s hand. Brill also raises suspicions about Postol, which is Stones Live’s management, Justin Kuraitis, who defends Postol’s side and states that there is a 0% chance of cheating.

Under these circumstances, Brill suspected that Kuraitis and Postle were accomplices and filed a whistleblower. After that, many poker pros from the poker community endorsed Brill, and eventually 88 people filed civil suits.

Mike Postle’s Claim

But Postle says they are fake news to any statement directed at him. He states that he himself is targeted at people and the earth who want money and status, claiming that he is innocent.

Postle is currently fighting back against other poker players who are dressed against him. And on October 1, Postle filed a defamation proceeding against 12 accusators seeking $ 330 million in damages.

The point of the proceedings is that they knew they were lying when the accusers called Postle a scammer in media such as Twitter and YouTube. In other words, there is no evidence to actually prove Postle’s misconduct, and Postle argues that it slandered Postle.

Postle also claims that he lost his career as a poker player due to suspicion of cheating and was severely stressed by the inability to go out.

Criminal accusation Brill points out that he frequently checked his smartphone during the tournament. And he claims that he might have obtained the card information of each player through the smartphone.

However, the accuser, Brill, has a history of accusing multiple players, none of which has been proven. Therefore, there is no evidence that the Postle is being accused this time, and there is an opinion that it may be Brill’s personality.

Public Reaction To The Turmoil

A frosty reaction is noticeable from other players to this series of uproar. Not only this Postle, but many poker players have been sued for fraud. Therefore, there are some supportive opinions about Postle.

On the other hand, there is an opinion that due to the high winning winbet2u percentage of Postle, it may have actually been cheated. In this way, even among poker players, the truth is unknown, and various opinions are being exchanged. Postle’s attorney Jared Densen also made no comment on this.

In response to Postle’s indictment, Brill claims that “Postle is doing it to silence critics.” He also describes Postle’s approach as aggressive.

And, “If we succumb here, the next time cheating is done, no one will speak out and fight. Be afraid that people will claim the right thing. It will be. “

After learning that Postle had been prosecuted, Brill immediately launched a GoFundMe campaign to fund his defense. And she has raised over $ 26,000 so far. And he never fights Postle, revealing Stones Live’s cheating.…